Bug Report Guidelines

Are wolves warping through your wood and iron doors? Post those bug reports here. NOTE: this forum is for 1.4 onward.

Bug Report Guidelines

Postby Z903 » Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:41 am

Timber and Stone has a new bug tracker! A bug tracker is a dedicated tool to help us collect and organize problems with the game. Up until now the forums have been doing an OK job of this but lack features such as merging bugs or marking duplicates. It also enables us to get accurate reports on how many bugs there are to fix so we don't miss any. I hope you all take the time to use this tool and make Timber and Stone the best game it can be.


  • Bug reports from user modified games will not be accepted
  • If possible, uploading a save game using the file attachment process is extremely helpful

How to use the bug tracker
1. You need to login or register. This tool has a separate login system so you will most likely need to create a new account. If you forget your credentials, you can reset your password using your email address from the link on the login page.

2. You may need to select the project "Timber and Stone" from the "Projects" drop down menu in the top right of the site.

How to report a bug
1. Search the bug tracker for similar bugs before you post your own. Chances are someone else has had the same problem you are having. If there are more details you are able to add; add that information to those existing bug reports.

2. To report a new issue, click on “Report Issue” in the main menu bar (shown below.)
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3. You will be taken to a form titled “Enter Report Details”. You must fill in every field that it contains. The following steps describe how to do this:

What kind of bug this is. If in doubt use "[All Projects] General"

How consistent it is to reproduce this bug.
  • always: The bug is produced in every time when flowing "Steps To Reproduce"
  • sometimes: The bug is produced most of the time when flowing "Steps To Reproduce"
  • random: The bug is random and is not easy to reproduce
  • have not tried: You have not tried to reproduce this bug
  • unable to reproduce: We are unable to reproduce this bug

How bad is the bug affecting the game?
  • feature: A missing feature in the current implementation ( this is not for suggestions )
  • trivial: The does not affect the games playability
  • text: A spelling or grammatical error in the games text ( this could also be for translation )
  • tweak: A very minor bug in the game
  • minor: A noticeable bug in the game ( most reports should be this )
  • major: A serious bug that causes the game to be unplayable
  • crash: Bug causes a game crash
  • block: Do not use this ( its for us devs )

The importance to fix said bug ( in general bugs that are higher priority get fixed first )
none, low, normal, high, urgent, immediate

Lets us know a bit about your system. This is not all that important but is nice to know because there are small differences between systems.

Product Version
What version of the game this bug is regarding.

Assign To
Who is going to be assigned to this bug. Do not set this. We will determine who is best at fixing each bug.

A one line summary of the bug in question.

The detailed description of the bug; the more detail the better.

Steps To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the bug in a clear way.

Additional Information
Any additional information you feel is necessary for us to know.

Upload File
Upload a save file to the server so we can most easily test and replicate your bug. It is best to post a URL in the description/Additional Information using an image host such as imgur instead of uploading pictures.
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