Are you working on this game alone?
I am. 3-4 hours a day, everyday. The hope, as with every indie developer, is to turn this into 16 hours a day.

Any plans to let players access the current alpha versions?
As much as I would love to get advertising by letting YouTubers play the game as-is, it’s just not possible in it’s current state. There is still A LOT to do and fix, and it’s far too easy to break the game right now.

Will Timber and Stone come to Mac?
Yes, Mac versions will be released shortly after Windows releases.

Will the digital game downloads be DRM-Free?

It sounds as if you have plans to keep updating the game after version 1.0, could you describe some features you’d like to add?
Take a look at this thread.

Will there be any plans for Multiplayer or Online play?
My focus until the full version is released will be sandbox singleplayer. Having said that, I have put a little thought into competitive multiplayer modes. At the least being able to visit and wage war against your friends’ kingdoms. But this will be far down the road, and single player will always remain the priority.

What are your plans if the current Kickstarter fails to reach funding?
To keep working on Timber and Stone. It’s hard for me to believe amount of interest I’ve gotten in the game so far. To see so many people ‘Like’-ing my videos and posting comments, it’s just amazing and really validates all the work I’m doing. I think the plan will be to push towards a beta. And maybe set up a paypal donation, where you can pre-order the beta and get similar rewards to what the kickstarter offered.

How do we get more units? And will there be a max?
The more wealth and especially food you acquire, the more often you’ll have migrants coming in to join your settlement. They will come with random levels, and you can choose which units to accept or decline, if any.
Food is the limiting factor for the number of units you can have. It’s only possible to produce so much food. When you take in more units that you can feed, they will starve and die. So there is a point where the player will limit themselves on how many migrants to accept. As with everything else in the game, the player will have to think about their decisions, and bad ones will be punished.