Hidden Memories

Hey everyone,

So I was working on cleaning up some code relating to ChunkManager and there was one line that lead me on a journey. It was a simple “remove the call to ChunkManager.WalkableNeighbor(…)” since its not really part chunk manager anymore. There is one call to it in FishWorkPool. So I was poking around and ended up looking into a file called WaterBlock.cs; an almost an entirety untouched file since the beginning.

I wasn’t prepared nor expecting for the memories, but at that moment I was three years in the past. It felt like the first time I was working on the source again. Even before I checked the git log; I had this overwhelming feeling of being Roberts code. I am not sure how I knew, its something very subtle.

SHA-1: 9d2be22d88b154335d3d34ec8a7200d4625bda3b

* Initial commit.

Signed-off-by: Robert <Robert@timberandstonegame.com>

It was the beginning. Robert here reasoning about the code and its existence.


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