1.71 And other stuffs.

This post is going to contain some pretty important information, so please read carefully.

Firstly, 1.71 is released, so check the download page for that. It’s mostly a bug fixing update, as usual after a big release, I’ll be posting the change-log below.

Secondly, We’re aiming for a Steam release this very week. If we’re approved, it may be as early as Tuesday 10am PST. Still trying to determine the best method for distributing those Steam-Keys, so sit tight, it could take a while.

Thirdly, Any purchases from this point on will not receive steam-keys. If you purchase Timber and Stone 1.71 via Paypal from the purchase page on this website, starting this very second, we will not be able to provide a steam-key. So if you’re itching to purchase the game and play right away, but do not want to purchase the game twice, I’d suggesting waiting a couple days for the Steam release, it might come with a launch discount ;) .

Fourthly, It looks like there are some issues with the Mac version starting after 1.7, we’re going to continue to try to support that here, within our community, but there might not an OSX release on Steam for a while. Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot we can do about this, OSX bug reports are nearly non-existent, and I’m not comfortable putting a glitchy release on Steam for that platform. Our apologies.

Here are those changes in 1.71:
- We have a new Achievement system, which is currently only being used for the new in-game tutorial system. Start a new game and make sure “Display tutorials” is checked to see these. It’s quite basic, as any good tutorial should be, and should ease new players into the mechanics and controls for the game.
- Archers are now shooting at their full bow range.
- There’s a new Archer preference, “Pursue enemies out of range”. When this is off, your archers will no longer chase enemies. This is more important now because of the above fix. This preference should keep your Archers guarding your walls from running down.
-Spiders should no longer be climbing out of the map edges.
-Archers should now be using Fire arrows properly.
-The “Nordic Roof Tiles” are now saving and loading correctly.
-Wall Sconces are fixed.
-Water no longer breaks line of sight, this allows your Archers to shoot Skeletons and Necromancers who are underwater.
-The de-spawn timer for corpses has been reduced to 24 minutes.

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