Timber and Stone 1.7: Prepare to Die Edition.

So with the release of 1.7, Timber and Stone is fun again.

And by fun, we mean back to the pre-1.5 difficulty. Survival is again paramount, military again fundamental, and night time once again unnerving. Enemies (and animals, even) are now using the task system, allowing them the same depth of logic as human settlers. The invasion mechanics are now more robust, allowing us better control over what enemies spawn at any given time, and to arm invading goblins and undead with weapons and shields based on how well the player is doing in the game. Whereas a lot of this was done using only slightly influenced RNG previously.

Every unit in the map is now controlled by a faction. The enemy race factions, or instance, govern the enemy AI. The Undead race can and will now attack goblins and wolves. The factions’ alignment will determine how they interact with other factions based on if they are hostile, neutral or allied with each other.

We now have fog of war in place, designating your settlers sight range. This brings great changes to the spotting mechanic. As the player, you can no longer see enemies your settlers cannot, making the areas outside of your settlers’ vision that much more perilous. This change allows things like wolves to flee and successfully hide from your slower moving settlers, and prevents the ever cheesy depth-scrolling exploit that enabled players to identify invading threats.

The mechanics of sleep have changed, hopefully new and seasoned players alike find sleep less tedious. Resting is now used to recover lost health, and no longer slows the game down as it used to. Due to this change, settlers are no longer permitted to sleep on the ground, and bed quality has an even greater influence on required rest time than before. This change, and some slightly smaller changes to in-game speed values, provide a substantial impact to the pace of the game, bringing us back to the quicker game-play of older versions of Timber and Stone.

There is a host of new art for animals, enemies, and objects, as well as a few new building materials. Though most of this was previewed in the greenlight campaign video.

We hope you guys have fun with this update. For me, it hearkens back to what Timber and Stone used to be, where the best advice was to “Deal with it, plan better, start over.”

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