More Bug Fixes, Update: 1.62

1.61 was a little too buggy for our standards. Archery and Maintain-in-Storage, to be specific. So here’s another:

  • Fixed the issue of Archers still preferring punch enemies, and the Archery Target. Ironically, this was caused by the attempted fix from 1.61.
  • The Maintain-in-Storage ‘queue’ is now limited by your desired amounts, again this broke in 1.61.
  • Spiders should now stop digging into your map and producing crashes, this enemy mechanic will return in the coming enemy update.
  • Resolution and Full-Screen settings should now be saving/loading properly in all cases.
  • The F6 screenshot hotkey should be working again.
  • Fixed a pathing to Hall issue where no roads were present.
  • If offered over 10k of a resource while trading, that number is now displayed correctly.

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