Bug Fix Update: 1.61

This is mostly a bug fix update.
The following change-log should list everything that has been addressed in this update:

  • Having settlers “Wait in Hall”, without setting a Hall designation, no longer crashes the game.
  • Random planted trees should no longer appear one block to high on load, this also produced an un-mine-able “Block (64)”.
  • Visitors (new migrants especially) will now path back to your roads if they fight or flee from enemies while approaching your settlement.
  • Remedied a similar error where visitors would repeatedly fail path-finds if your hall was obscured by too many settlers/objects, resulting in full path-finder queues and ‘lag’.
  • Beds that are assigned now have a much higher priority for their owner.
  • When assigning a bed to an owner, the list of settlers is now alphabetical.
  • Pressing down when selecting designation zones now allows the height to go negative.
  • The “Options” and “Control” menus have been brought into the title-screen.
  • Fixed an error where dead enemies could repeatedly duplicate their drops.
  • The Objects Menu has been moved into the Design Menu. This fixes the input issues when both were open, and it allows the game support for lower resolutions.
  • Settlers will now swim to the water’s surface if you flood them beneath more than a single depth level. Previously, this would render the settler immobile, eventually starving them.
  • Fixed the Straw Bed’s shape, so that it no longer consumes neighboring blocks.
  • Remedied an enemy inventory issue that produced errors on saving.
  • There is now a bubble telling the player if a settler told to hold equipment is overloaded and cannot find work tasks.
  • The Forge now properly truncates high resource counts for it’s fueling materials.
  • There’s now a bubble for carpenters who lack an axe for creating Timber.
  • Same as above, but for Tailors who lack a Knife for the Tanning Rack.
  • Newly built resource crates now properly hide when depth-scrolling.
  • Un-pausing the game during the map generation screens no longer produces a Game Over.
  • The ballista now loads it’s tilt/yaw rotations correctly.
  • The Forge’s sound effect volume has been reduced significantly.
  • Hay Pile storage amounts have been increased.
  • The herder will now produce a bubble to suggest crafting a feeding trough for your livestock.
  • The trader will now produce a bubble to alert you if you haven’t selected anything for buying/selling.
  • Crafts in the Maintain in Storage “queue” are now more evenly distributed.
  • Archers (any settler really) will now always equip the best weapon they have in inventory when attacking. Previously it was possible for Archers to punch enemies while they were carrying bow & arrows.
  • The sight range of settlers has been increased, initially this fixes the “Longbow archers can shoot enemies before they’re sighted” bug, but it’s also to compensate for how enemy spotting is going to change in the near future.
  • If the game fails to load, you are now kicked out before the auto-save overwrites your files. Usually this is due to sharing violations, and the game can be reloaded. Though, in the rare case of actual corruption, please post that save in the bug tracker. Nine times out of ten, we can fix your save data and give it back to you.


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