1.52 – Pathfinding

1.52 is now available.

The update for this version is short and sweet: 1.52 fixes pathfinding.
All pathing is now being calculated on a separate thread from regular game logic, and across multiple frames. It is now virtually impossible for your settlers to become lost. In fact, the only situation where a path-find could possibly fail is when attempting to path to areas that are quite literally unpathable, if you wall in your settlers, for example. Another major benefit to this is that settler path-finding will now always have near zero impact on your frame-rate.

Other changes include:

  • Designation textures have been changed to display the grid they occupy, and are no longer influenced by lighting.
  • The road designations are now blue, and have been consolidated into a single designation. Road blocks can be removed the same as other designations, using ALT + SHIFT.
  • Selecting a spotted enemy will now display their relative health, and provide the option to “charge” this enemy. What this now allows is for your military to come out and attack that enemy (or group of enemies) regardless of whether or not they can be seen by each soldier. It’s now possible for your forager to spot a group of goblins, and essentially have a preset squadron of your infantry and archers charge out to slay them. All done with a couple of left clicks.
  • New preference for military: “Attack charge target enemies.” Which allows for the above mechanic.
  • You might also notice the beginnings of the GUI overhaul, fonts in particular, this is still very much a work-in-progress.


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