1.51 – A Bug Fixing Update

1.51 is now available.
There are a few new graphical and minor mechanical changes, but the majority of this update is for remedying bugs in the new task system.

This trend will continue for one more update, 1.52 will contain a rather large pathfinding overhaul. This is actually roughly 75% finished already, and has been verified to fix every single pathfinding bug we’ve seen reported for 1.5 already. So stay tuned for that.

Also, about those bug reports; if you didn’t already know, we have a new bug tracker over at http://www.timberandstonegame.com/bugs/ . It’s super easy to use and immensely more organized than the old forum system of posting bugs. You can get emails when your reports are resolved or updated, and monitor bug reports that you’ve experienced. There’s a quick tutorial here.

Change-Log for 1.51:

  • The ‘Design’ and ‘Structure’ windows have been added to the right click context menus. These old buttons (the three at the top of the screen) will be removed in the next update.
  • The lighting and Day/Night cycles have been overhauled. Sun and Moon are now visible, rotate around the gameworld, and produce dynamic shadows (if you have them enabled). This also results in brighter night lighting.
  • Herders without the amount of wheat required to fill a trough will no longer bug and gain levels.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when using scaffolding to dam water.
  • Random remnants of wheat, flax, food, cotton, etc while farming are now being fully deposited into storage.
  • Blacksmiths will now report the reason they are unable to work via a bubble. (“Need tongs.”, “The forge needs fuel”, etc).
  • The same issue above has been fixed for benches/anvil (“Need hammer.”) ¬†and Loom (“Need shears”).
  • Traders will no longer try to eat or go to sleep while bartering with a Merchant.
  • Military units now have the option of waiting in the hall while idle.
  • Merchants en route to your hall are now less likely to vanish.
  • Clicking the game speed buttons no longer also clicks objects beneath them.
  • Spiders will no longer climb vertically through terrain when exiting their holes.
  • Military units can now eat & sleep during their training tasks.
  • Beds that are built a block above their neighbors no longer produces a ‘sleeping under the bed’ graphical bug.
  • Tagging an animal for herding is now saved & loaded.
  • Archers & Foragers are now smarter about shooting behind trees and bushes, resulting in less wasted arrows.
  • Wolves can no longer sleep on water.
  • Your settlers will no longer walk on structures.
  • The unnecessary “Fish for food” preference for fisherman has been removed from the game.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in troughs containing negative wheat.
  • Livestock now consume slightly less wheat while eating.
  • Renaming units while trading no longer completely breaks the game.
  • Deconstructing tables no longer bugs the blocks that they used to occupy.
  • Remedied a bug where Foragers were gathering from enemies that they could not path to.
  • Placing the starting wagon no longer selects the wagon when starting a new map.
  • Mining edge blocks underground won’t break miners anymore.
  • The storage cap window is now bound inside the total game screen.
  • A preference has been added to fisherman for fishing pole breakage notifications.
  • Fixed an error that resulted in burned trees becoming regular re-growing stumps when chopped. They can now only be removed.
  • Deconstructing a trough while a herdsman is filling it no longer breaks the herder.
  • Miners can no longer mine one block beneath another, basically preventing them mining below the surface they are standing on.
  • The GUI window for beds no longer gets stuck when assigning ownership.
  • Pressing ‘Home’ no longer changes the camera modes. This was a left over dev key from the testing builds.
  • The game over GUI window has been put back into the game. And unit-tabbing during game-over no longer produces a full lock up.
  • Fixed a few rendering issues within the resources UI.
  • A few random typos have been fixed.

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