1.5 is here.

….Finally, MIRITE? Took far longer than expected. Over the last five months we’ve compiled 593 commits to the code base, adding 29,956 lines of new code, and removing 22,224.

This past month has been spent with the testing group ironing out the bugs with the newer features, and double checking that the new task system is up to snuff. And it is, I couldn’t be happier with the new systems, but enough of that, you probably want to see what has changed, so here you are:

Change-Log for 1.5:

  • Everything your settlers do, all work, tasks, queues, work pools, it was all rewritten. This was a huge change, and leads to less stuttering, proper blacklisting, smarter work gathering, more co-operative group building/mining mechanics, and smoother framerates overall.
  • New tasks, a couple examples include the new idle wandering mechanic, and an eating task, where you might see your settlers grab food and head over to a table to sit down and eat.
  • Livestock Designations, any animal tagged for domestication will be hauled back to the livestock designation by your herders. This drastically changes how livestock is handled, the player needs only to set a livestock designation, and left click a wild animal. The herder will take care of the rest. No more micromanaging your herder (and livestock) back to your pens. Fencing is still recommended to keep livestock penned in and prevent the overworking of your herdsmen.
  • Feeding Troughs (stone & wooden), your livestock will feed from these troughs when they are hungry, and your herders will routinely fill them with wheat.
  • New Tools: Stone and Iron Tongs. All workshops will now require a tool for use, in the case of the forges, this tools is a pair of tongs. Please note the stone tongs are intended to be very brittle, and will break more than half the time. Use these to create stronger tongs.¬†This is the start of a new tool system where we’ll eventually have less tool qualities, but more substance behind upgrading.
  • Morale now has a purpose in combat, and governs a unit’s likelihood to fight or flee. If a settler believes they can win a fight, they’ll charge in, but will also run away when they feel they’re going to lose. Morale is affected by the number of allies present vs the number of enemies, the threat of the enemy, the settler’s current health, the quality of his or her armor, and the courageous vs cowardly traits. With this new system you should see your settlers gaining up on single enemies, and fleeing when outnumbered. Lone Foragers and Woodsmen fighting ( and killing ) spiders and wolves, but running from undead. I believe this is a large change to the game’s difficulty, making your settlers smarter about what they choose to fight. For the time being, you still have full control over retreating by right clicking while a unit is selected.
  • Farming has changed to produce more seeds at the start of the game and more food once your farms have matured. Your farmers will now prefer to collect seeds during harvest until you have enough to provide for the amount of farming space you’ve designated. This is a substantial change to farming, especially in the early game, where it is now much more beneficial to have smaller farms when you wish to harvest food over seeds. The opposite is also true, designating larger farms if you wish to harvest more seeds to provide for that larger farm space. It’s actually quite elegant and simple to manipulate, once you understand how the system now works.
  • There are now two camera styles, the current default RTS-style camera, and a new Full Control Camera, where you can view the gameworld from any angle whatsoever. You can switch via a new right click context menu. When in Full Control mode, hold down right click and use WASD and the mouse to move the camera. It takes a short while to get used to but it becomes second nature once you get the hang of it. In-game controls like designating and selecting objects work exactly the same in both modes.
  • Design highlighting can also be toggled using the above mentioned right click context menu.
  • Combat damage of tools ( and bare-fisted combat ) has been increased.¬†Again ‘buffing’ your settlers.
  • Accessing storage now takes time relative to the mass of the items being deposited/retrieved. So now collecting a full suit of armor from storage takes much more time than collecting a handful of seeds.
  • Settler walk speed has been increased to compensate for the new slow downs at storage and while eating.
  • Step forward in time button (next to fast forward), this steps the game forward one frame. Useful for testing purposes.
  • Any hand tools not in use will now always be returned to storage.
  • Screenshot Key: F6 will now dump a .png screenshot into the screenshots directory. This is a forced-daytime screenshot, holding shift while pressing F6 will allow nighttime screens.
  • Setting spare equipment has been overhauled, it is now possible to allow your settlers to hold on to any number of the same item, for example a dozen or so food.
  • New Designations, Guard Positions and Patrol Routes. These are now set globally rather than being bound to individual units. An idle military settler can now pickup a route after the previous patrolling unit goes to bed.
  • New preferences in Archers and Infantry to allow the use of Patrol Routes, Guard Positions, Training Equipment and Siege Operation.
  • Spiders are once again able to climb vertical walls.

Edit: Please note that the ladder mechanics have been temporarily removed from the game. Stick with scaffolding to build walls for the time being. We’ll be reworking ladders into a future update.

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