What’s going on?

Lotta questions and emails regarding whether or not Timber and Stone is still being developed, and of course; it definitely is. We’ve been hard at work doing yet another major rewrite. This time something vitally important to how development will progress moving forward, and the longterm goals for Timber and Stone. Specifically, we’re reworking how tasks are gathered, queued, accomplished and failed. Every task a settler can perform: from walking, to mining, to hunting, to sleeping, to crafting, to inventory management even, has been completely re-factored with the goals of efficiency and cohesion. This is absolutely necessary if multiplayer, additional races, and modding are to be implemented. Where, previously, most tasks (work tasks specifically) were brute forced through, there is now an intricate system of stacking, blacklisting, and performing these tasks in a way that allows not only the player to acquire and fulfill, but also enemies, competing factions, animals, merchants, and eventually other players. While this has been an important necessary rewrite, it’s also taken far longer than planned.

We’re pushing towards a release at the end of January, unfortunately this release might not have a whole lot of new content. The upside is that we’re experiencing higher frame-rates, elimination of stutter, and less micromanagement of broken settlers. The game is performing much more efficiently as a whole.

If you’re interested in reading more about these changes, I invite you to check the development log forum here.

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