1.43 Update

More bug fixing, and reports are becoming fewer and far between which I’m trying hard to view as a good thing.. While these were getting fixed, there’s also been a large rewrite to the path-finding algorithms, settlers can now path twice as far and find those paths in half the time of previous versions. You might also notice that they tend to find the least complex path to storage and beds, especially if there are multiple choices for them to use, and at varying distances. There have been a few more minor and decorative additions, but I’ll leave those for the change-log:

Change Log for 1.43:

  • Major Path Finding rewrites.
  • The water filling animations have been re-worked, the result is much more fluid.
  • New Door Structure – Dungeon Door.
  • Both wooden doors have a new design to match the detail in newer structures.
  • There are now differing models for each type of pickax.
  • New models for each bow type have been added as well.
  • New feature: Mouse Hover.¬†Holding ‘Q’ (by default) will display information about the block (or entity) that the cursor is hovering over. This is useful for distinguishing metal ore types.
  • When hovering over enemies, the above¬†tool-tip also provides information on the target’s health once the enemy has been spotted by your settlers.
  • “Empty Inventory” button added to settlers inventory menu.
  • Archers can now operate siege equipment.
  • The preferences for operating siege equipment and for (archery & combat) training can now be accessed via the Military Controls menus for Archers and Infantry.
  • The invasion rates have been adjusted to be more forgiving. It now requires much more wealth to allow Necromancers and Goblins Wolf Rider invasions.
  • Many structure properties menus can now be accessed via left clicking, in addition to right clicking.
  • Access points for workshops and storage structures are now displayed when the structure is selected or while it’s in “blueprint mode”. This shows the positions your settlers must be standing on in order to access/operate/build the structure.
  • Line of Sight has been changed greatly, it is now much more accurate while finding moving units and their targets. Settlers, enemies, animals, and structures no longer block line of sight.
  • When maps are loaded, their mesh data is being built from the bottom up. This increases map loading speed.
  • Crates and Hay Bails can now be walked (and built) upon.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when leaving first-person adventurer mode while the equip adventurer window is open.
  • Fixed another Adventurer bug that broke their behaviors at night when a torch is present in their spare inventory.
  • Archers no longer take an extra shot at 0 arrow count, they should now look for storage to equip the next best arrow type.
  • Loading your game no longer supplies you with extra “free” arrows for every type equipped.
  • Fixed an error where Necromancers would repeatedly spawn several minions, especially when saving/loading the game. There is now a cap on how many they can control.
  • Remedied another instance of Merchants not being able to leave the map.
  • Wells can now be removed.
  • Fixed an error where having multiple military units training could result in multiple training structures being rebuilt at the same position.


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