1.42 Update

Version 1.42 is now available for download. Again, this is primarily a bug fixing update, but there are a few new additions as well. This is also the first update that Z903 and Ethrel have been involved in, they are a couple of very talented coders and extremely smart people. With their continued help, Timber and Stone’s development might be able to go in directions I’d previously not thought possible, but I’ll not get into detail here. For now, here are the change logs:

Change Log for 1.42:

  • New block: Scaffolding -  a cheap building material useful for climbing onto houses or into/out-of holes. Very quick to build, and can be removed via the dig/mine menu, although it does not require a miner. 2 wood and 1 rope makes 8 scaffolding blocks.
  • Torches are back, and can be used by any profession. Simply add a torch to the settler’s spare inventory, and they will automatically be used during the night hours.
  • New Decor – Hedge, Shrubbery, and Statue.
  • Ore blocks now provide more ore.
  • Settlers can now mine and build one block above their head.
  • Settlers experience is now being saved, rather than just their levels.

 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed several pathing errors brought on by the changes in 1.41, most importantly: settlers sinking into the ground or floating while walking to their destinations.
  • Remedied another walking error that resulted in workers becoming stuck, unable to move until the game was re-loaded.
  • Workers should no longer become confused while trying to work around water (builder/miner professions especially).
  • Fixed a skeleton bug where they would not accurately target new enemies.
  • Necromancers should now be spawning again.
  • Depth-scrolling after placing minetracks should no longer break the function.
  • Fixed an occurrence where the forge could eat all of your wood/coal while being used.
  • Workers can now return to work after sitting, without requiring a re-load.
  • The ‘Guard Position’ command no longer slows the game down.
  • Builders should be less confused when trying to build with multiple materials across varying heights.
  • Fixed an error with Merchants that prevented them from leaving the map.
  • Fixed another Merchant error that prevented them from arriving altogether.
  • Adventurers can now use bow & arrow correctly.
  • Rebuilding Training Dummies & Archery Targets is no longer free.
  • Training Dummies & Archery Targets set to rebuild are now saving/loading correctly.
  • Builder Carts now have 4 access points, up from 1.
  • Mining world-edge blocks that are adjacent to water no longer crashes the game.
  • Fence blocks now align and connect with all adjacent blocks, rather than just other fences.
  • Fixed an issue of settlers not always using unoccupied beds.
  • Sleeping wolves no longer appear to fall beneath ground.
  • Spider collision box is now more inline with the size of the spider’s legs, making them easier to hit with arrows.
  • Multiple herders should no longer be working on the same tasks.
  • Fisherman should no longer go idle in error.
  • Archers using Longbows should no longer be shooting at enemies before they are spotted.
  • Builders will now empty their inventory when switching from mining build materials to regular build materials, and vice versa.
  • Fixed a bug in the Design menu that could cause a crash.
  • Removed several delays produced after settlers would finish working.

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