Line of smell.

I’ve kept it no secret that I was much more fond of Timber and Stone around version 0.1b, those were the days where simply surviving to day 4 was a difficult accomplishment. Surely having enemies making b-lines straight to your dudes wasn’t all that complex or even interesting, but I’d argue all day long that it was more fun.

And the challenge comes from avoiding those behaviors, instead finding ways to make enemies smarter, and have a generally more complex enemy AI in order to achieve that goal of difficulty.

The target for wolves in 1.3 will be to make them act more realistically, driven by the smell of livestock and animal blood. Wolves should be lured by the smell of a fresh hunt, or several penned up sheep. When it comes to wolf attacks, Herders and Foragers should be the first to go. While hiding behind trees, bushes, and fencing should no longer be an option. This should be possible by replacing the current line-of-sight checks with distance checks and simplified pathing to emulate smell finding.

I also like the idea of allowing goblins to tame wolves. Mostly because I have the strong desire to see wolf mounted goblins in Timber and Stone, but also to simply give goblins more to do. I see them amassing small armies and structures in the future of the game, thus becoming even deadlier enemies.


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