1.2 Released!

The goals for 1.2 were mostly cosmetic, since the creation of the kickstarter I’ve had an email a day asking about the lack of female units, I’ve decided 1.2 was the time to remedy that. I’ve also wanted to start putting in structures with decorative purposes, so you’ll see those beginnings in this release. And of course, bug fixes (more than I’ll list in the changelog, actually).

This was a difficult update for me, I found designing female units particularly frustrating. Before Timber and Stone, I was much more used to creating art with a higher graphics fidelity. Differentiating¬†male from female using only a couple dozen vertical pixels (versus a couple thousand polygons) proved to be a much more daunting task than I would’ve imagined, and even now I’m not quite satisfied with their models (the wood chopper, especially). Their designing, modelling, re-designing, and re-modelling took far too many hours away from implementing real game features. But somehow I also found it fun, it’s been a while since I’ve had to create art assets for character objects.

One of the other major updates to Timber and Stone’s visuals is in the addition of an option to change how the game is being lit. If your graphics card can handle it, the game can be rendered via per-pixel shaders, which allow for more accurate lighting, hard & soft dynamic shadows, and SSAO. However, the option is still there for the current per-vertex lighting.

The changes for 1.3 are planned to be quite different than those in this update. In a few weeks time we’ll see expanded enemy behaviors which will bring difficulty back to the game, a more complex system for unit inventory, the return of the necromancer, and possibly the beginnings of a stockpiling implementation merging with the virtual inventory. Oh, and fire.

Change-Log for 1.2 

-Line of Sight checks are now more accurate for units already in combat. You should see less units playing tag rather than fighting.
-Spider digging behavior has been slightly changed, they are more likely to continue tunneling in existing holes.
-Trees now ‘wiggle’ when they are being chopped.
-Tree, raw stone and grass appearances have all been adjusted.
-Female units are now in-game, all 16 professions now have female alternates. Several dozen new female names have also been put in the game.
-Livestock now must be tended to, this is also how livestock eats. The change will lessen the amount of time your herders are standing around idle.
-Several character traits are now affecting units; hard worker, bad/good vision, courageous, over eater, clumsy, quick learner and cowardly traits are all functional.
-Ballista bolts now damage blocks they collide with.
-The Ballista now reloads slightly slower.
-Idle workers will now sit if they can find a chair nearby.
-New Decor Structure: Stone Bench. Another chair type, for your units to sit on when idle.
-New Decor Structure: Post Banner. There are plans to allow the player to design their own, but for now, red and grey.
-New Decor Structure: Pennant Banner.
-New Door Structure: Large Castle Gate. This is the first door type that doesn’t provide it’s own support. Requires at least 4 block tall walls on either hinge, with a 4 block gap in between.
-New Lighting Structure: Wall Sconce. Must be placed against a wall and one block above the ground.
-The Resource menu items have been rearranged, thanks goes to Pangaea.
-There are new video settings for lighting, shadows, & SSAO.
-Crafters will now craft items in the queue that are below uncraftable items.
-Archers can now fire at enemies while patrolling.
-Fixed a bug where the Adventurer could attack targets from very far away using melee weapons.
-Fixed an error that arose when switching a unit’s profession from farmer to trader, resulted in broken farmer progress bars and broken farming zones.
-Sleeping fishermen no longer show a work progress bar.
-Crafters now alert the player (via bubble) if they require additional workshops to continue crafting.
-Wood Choppers will now properly move forward in their work queue if the current job cannot be completed.
-Miners, builders and farmers will no longer produce ‘lag’ if they cannot get to their working zones. Instead they will inform the player that they are lost.
-Adventurers no longer gain experience from attacking dead enemies.
-Fixed a memory leak that occurred when building in water.
-There is now a check for duplicate migrant names. This also applies when renaming units.
-Fence Gates are no longer indestructible by enemies.
-Taking control of an adventurer while he’s already walking will no longer prevent first person controls.
-Adventurer walk speed in first person is now affected by the unit’s level.

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