Beta version 0.1.6

Check the download page for this latest version, previous save files should not be compatible.

New features are always more fun for me than bug fixes, and that was the plan for v0.1.6b. For the next 3 versions, I’ll be going back to squashing the bugs in preparation for v0.2, where I can get back into adding new gameplay features. Water, mechanisms, block collapsing, weapons & enemies, etc.. But before that happens, I need a somewhat stable beta. It seems as if I’m hearing more complaints about the beta being unplayable than anyone actually enjoying what I’ve provided to play, and that can be frustrating.

The first priority will be preventing corrupt saves. And as always, please get your bug reports in, so that I can get to work on resolving them. I hope you enjoy the new features of v0.1.6b.

Check the post below for the change log.

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