Beta version 0.1.4

I had a single goal with this update, which was to optimize unit pathfinding. In doing so, I’ve found the game to run at a much more consistent framerate, and long-range pathfinding spikes are generally 60-70% less severe than in previous versions.

What this means to the player is that units can successfully find paths at longer distances, across multiple depths, and around complex walls. This should also remedy the un-walkable ‘ghost’ block error. For the time being, these optimizations have been incorporated only into player controlled units, enemy behavior will come after testing this new pathfinding implementation.

I’ll be paying close attention to any bug reports containing pathing issues for the next few days (especially those that provide save files), my hope is to have all pathfinding bugs squashed by v0.1.7 at the latest.

Several other unit behaviors have had optimizations as well, these might lead a few more unexpected quirks, so look out for those.

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