Play Testing

So much testing. If there’s been any time I’ve haven’t been playing the game, it’s because I’m watching someone else play. The benefit in that is seeing other players try wierdness that I never would have thought to do myself. The bugs are getting ironed out.  It’s taken a lot more work than I had hoped, but I’m still on schedule. I’ll go ahead and list my plans for the few days up to beta, and what’s going to happen afterward.

I’m planning to release one more video. I will go over the controls in detail, explaining every menu and unit. Showing profession preferences and crafting queue controls. So when beta is released, those of you who’ve watched won’t be hit so hard by the learning curve. Still aiming for Monday, with distribution through this website. After Beta release, I’ll be keeping a very close watch on the Testing forums, and posting updates to what’s being fixed, probably daily. I’m expecting a lot to break during the next few weeks, and that’s exactly the reason the beta was made available. To test and repair cracks in the foundation, so that I can then build onto it.

Next will come the additions to Timber and Stone. Once I feel the game is nearly bug-free, I’ll begin to incorporate new blocks, additional weaponry & armor, new enemies, more wild fauna, the worldmap and neighboring villages, siege operators, new professions, biomes & terrain types, and the hundreds of fantastic ideas brought forth by the forum goers. This is the stuff I’m excited about, and I hope you are too.

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