Steam Keys

Those of you who purchased the game prior to the 1.71 release can now find your Steam Key on the members page right below the link to access the downloads via our website.
Important Note: Copy your Steam Key before modifying your profile.

You will have to reset your password, these were lost in the import of the keys. Apologies for the inconvenience, and we hope you guys enjoy the changes in 1.7 and the ease of playing the game through Steam.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who kickstarted and purchased the game, we would’ve never made it this far without your support.

1.71 And other stuffs.

This post is going to contain some pretty important information, so please read carefully.

Firstly, 1.71 is released, so check the download page for that. It’s mostly a bug fixing update, as usual after a big release, I’ll be posting the change-log below.

Secondly, We’re aiming for a Steam release this very week. If we’re approved, it may be as early as Tuesday 10am PST. Still trying to determine the best method for distributing those Steam-Keys, so sit tight, it could take a while.

Thirdly, Any purchases from this point on will not receive steam-keys. If you purchase Timber and Stone 1.71 via Paypal from the purchase page on this website, starting this very second, we will not be able to provide a steam-key. So if you’re itching to purchase the game and play right away, but do not want to purchase the game twice, I’d suggesting waiting a couple days for the Steam release, it might come with a launch discount ;) .

Fourthly, It looks like there are some issues with the Mac version starting after 1.7, we’re going to continue to try to support that here, within our community, but there might not an OSX release on Steam for a while. Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot we can do about this, OSX bug reports are nearly non-existent, and I’m not comfortable putting a glitchy release on Steam for that platform. Our apologies.

Here are those changes in 1.71:
- We have a new Achievement system, which is currently only being used for the new in-game tutorial system. Start a new game and make sure “Display tutorials” is checked to see these. It’s quite basic, as any good tutorial should be, and should ease new players into the mechanics and controls for the game.
- Archers are now shooting at their full bow range.
- There’s a new Archer preference, “Pursue enemies out of range”. When this is off, your archers will no longer chase enemies. This is more important now because of the above fix. This preference should keep your Archers guarding your walls from running down.
-Spiders should no longer be climbing out of the map edges.
-Archers should now be using Fire arrows properly.
-The “Nordic Roof Tiles” are now saving and loading correctly.
-Wall Sconces are fixed.
-Water no longer breaks line of sight, this allows your Archers to shoot Skeletons and Necromancers who are underwater.
-The de-spawn timer for corpses has been reduced to 24 minutes.

Happy Birthday

Hi Everyone,

Today is Roberts day to relax, kick back, and enjoy, so wish him a happy birthday on the forums.

We haven’t posted in a while but 1.7 is on its way through testing. We are looking at about 2-3 more testing builds before we release to our site. After that we are going to work out a few more bugs (public test) and then release on steam. Just a quick note to everyone who buys the game before we release on steam, you will get a steam key.

If you want more information on the current release check out the dev log.
PS Please don’t kill me Robert

Greenlight success!

We have been approved for steam.

What this means is we are going to be on steam in the near future, but not yet. There is still a lot of work that needs to happen first. The process of integrating the steam API and enabling some of the awesome features will take time.

Robert, Ethrel, and myself would like to thank everyone for your help and are proud to be part of such an awesome community of gamers.

We’re on Steam Greenlight! Vote to get Timber and Stone on Steam!

Timber and Stone on Greenlight

In case you’re unfamiliar with how Greenlight works, it’s a platform for indie developers like us to put our games up for approval to be distributed through Steam. Selection is determined by the Steam community, by voting on whether you have interest in purchasing that game or not.

Ultimately, a successful Greenlight campaign and subsequent Steam sales will determine the future of Timber and Stone’s development through 2015. So please use the link above to head on over and vote to keep the game alive.

Timber and Stone 1.0

The first public release of Timber and Stone is up for the windows platform. A Mac version should be up next week.

Emails are now going out for those of you who pre-ordered for a $15 donation. This process is quite slow, and there are a couple thousand that have to go out, so please be patient. It might take up to 6 hours to get your email.

I’d like to take a second and post some thoughts on Timber and Stone’s development thus far, my opinion of the game as is, and where it’s headed moving forward.
This was a project I started almost exactly one year ago, and I couldn’t be happier with how far it’s come. Fan support has been tremendous, and I’d like to extend my heart felt gratitude to everyone who has pledged and donated toward the project.

Of course, this release is not the final version of the game. In fact, it’s far from it. You might consider Timber and Stone to be yet another indie game that’s in a perpetual state of beta, and that’s probably the case. To be completely honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Games are art, and to say that a game is ever finished is to give up on it. I won’t be doing that with Timber and Stone any time soon. We’ve only just begun.

To be blunt, Timber and Stone has become easy since v0.1b, too easy in my opinion. It’s a terrific outlet for creativity, sure, and I’ve had folks tell me they’ve lost sleep building castles into the wee hours of the morning. And that’s great, a huge goal for the game already accomplished, but another goal, another intention, has always been create something that rivals roguelikes in terms of both complexity and difficulty. And that is where the game is heading, Timber and Stone is going to become difficult again, survival will become paramount, and protecting those castles from ruin will be your main goal.

I hope you enjoy the game thus far, and continue to follow it’s development.

1.0 on Tuesday

We will be seeing the first public release of Timber and Stone (1.0) on Tuesday, the 9th. Tomorrow will be the last day to get a donation in for a pre-order at the reduced price. No more beta tier donations are going to be accepted, as the beta process is nearly over.

Timber and Stone v0.1b Released.

For those of you who’ve pledged toward the beta reward tier via Kickstarter and Paypal, please check your inbox (and spam folders apparently) for instructions on how to download the game.

Took longer than expected due to a limit placed by my email provider, but hopefully everyone received their emails at this point (10pm PST). If you haven’t yet, you can post here, and I’ll look into it ASAP. Also, my apologies if you’ve received the email more than once.

So please break my game, and feel free to take your time. We already have quite a few bug reports, you guys are finding problems I’d not yet experienced, and trying things that’d never come into my playstyle. Changing professions mid-craft, trying to walk on top of workbenches, building over the starting campfire, or placing structures to be constructed inside of building designations. These are all examples of the type of thing that would never come into my head to try. And because of that, even the few hours since beta release have proven to be invaluable.

I’m extremely eager to get to work on these bugs, but I need a rest. Just a day or two away from the computer monitors before I fix the issues you guys find.

I would like to go ahead and mention that if you run a resolution with less than 640 vertical pixels, the game might be unplayable as the menus are larger than that.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve created so far, and remember that it can only get better from here.

Timber and Stone Kickstarted!

A huge thank you to everyone who pledged. And special appreciation for those of you who’ve promoted Timber and Stone on Reddit and Twitter. You guys have made a dream come true. It’s been an incredible month, and there’s still 5 days to go.. it’s just unbelievable. I simply can not thank you enough. The aspiration is now to release a game that doesn’t disappoint. And I’m about to work full steam to make that happen.