Steam Keys

Those of you who purchased the game prior to the 1.71 release can now find your Steam Key on the members page right below the link to access the downloads via our website.
Important Note: Copy your Steam Key before modifying your profile.

You will have to reset your password, these were lost in the import of the keys. Apologies for the inconvenience, and we hope you guys enjoy the changes in 1.7 and the ease of playing the game through Steam.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who kickstarted and purchased the game, we would’ve never made it this far without your support.

Timber and Stone OST

The very talented mastermind behind Timber and Stone’s music, Joseph “Voobr” Toscano, has put the OST for the game up on Bandcamp. If you like the game’s music, please support him by buying a copy of the digital OST album. You can take a listen (and name your price) using the link below.

As for an update with 1.3:
A testing build will be uploaded for the testing group in the next few hours. From there, it should only take a few days up to a week for 1.3 to be ready for everyone else. In the meantime, it’s back to bug fixes and remedying anything the ‘blue names’ find.

Line of smell.

I’ve kept it no secret that I was much more fond of Timber and Stone around version 0.1b, those were the days where simply surviving to day 4 was a difficult accomplishment. Surely having enemies making b-lines straight to your dudes wasn’t all that complex or even interesting, but I’d argue all day long that it was more fun.

And the challenge comes from avoiding those behaviors, instead finding ways to make enemies smarter, and have a generally more complex enemy AI in order to achieve that goal of difficulty.

The target for wolves in 1.3 will be to make them act more realistically, driven by the smell of livestock and animal blood. Wolves should be lured by the smell of a fresh hunt, or several penned up sheep. When it comes to wolf attacks, Herders and Foragers should be the first to go. While hiding behind trees, bushes, and fencing should no longer be an option. This should be possible by replacing the current line-of-sight checks with distance checks and simplified pathing to emulate smell finding.

I also like the idea of allowing goblins to tame wolves. Mostly because I have the strong desire to see wolf mounted goblins in Timber and Stone, but also to simply give goblins more to do. I see them amassing small armies and structures in the future of the game, thus becoming even deadlier enemies.


Timber and Stone 1.0

The first public release of Timber and Stone is up for the windows platform. A Mac version should be up next week.

Emails are now going out for those of you who pre-ordered for a $15 donation. This process is quite slow, and there are a couple thousand that have to go out, so please be patient. It might take up to 6 hours to get your email.

I’d like to take a second and post some thoughts on Timber and Stone’s development thus far, my opinion of the game as is, and where it’s headed moving forward.
This was a project I started almost exactly one year ago, and I couldn’t be happier with how far it’s come. Fan support has been tremendous, and I’d like to extend my heart felt gratitude to everyone who has pledged and donated toward the project.

Of course, this release is not the final version of the game. In fact, it’s far from it. You might consider Timber and Stone to be yet another indie game that’s in a perpetual state of beta, and that’s probably the case. To be completely honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Games are art, and to say that a game is ever finished is to give up on it. I won’t be doing that with Timber and Stone any time soon. We’ve only just begun.

To be blunt, Timber and Stone has become easy since v0.1b, too easy in my opinion. It’s a terrific outlet for creativity, sure, and I’ve had folks tell me they’ve lost sleep building castles into the wee hours of the morning. And that’s great, a huge goal for the game already accomplished, but another goal, another intention, has always been create something that rivals roguelikes in terms of both complexity and difficulty. And that is where the game is heading, Timber and Stone is going to become difficult again, survival will become paramount, and protecting those castles from ruin will be your main goal.

I hope you enjoy the game thus far, and continue to follow it’s development.

1.0 on Tuesday

We will be seeing the first public release of Timber and Stone (1.0) on Tuesday, the 9th. Tomorrow will be the last day to get a donation in for a pre-order at the reduced price. No more beta tier donations are going to be accepted, as the beta process is nearly over.

Donations are back up.

I’ve come to the realization, after answering far too many emails regarding beta access, that I’m not saving time by removing the donation links.

You can again donate, and supplement your existing pledge levels.

Timber and Stone v0.1.1b will be released tomorrow. This will be available to all backers $30 and above. Had I not taken the few days off after the initial release, this would have been out sometime last week. I’m planning for one more beta before Christmas (v0.1.2). After which, we will see a new release every few days up to a week at the very latest.