Hidden Memories

Hey everyone,

So I was working on cleaning up some code relating to ChunkManager and there was one line that lead me on a journey. It was a simple “remove the call to ChunkManager.WalkableNeighbor(…)” since its not really part chunk manager anymore. There is one call to it in FishWorkPool. So I was poking around and ended up looking into a file called WaterBlock.cs; an almost an entirety untouched file since the beginning.

I wasn’t prepared nor expecting for the memories, but at that moment I was three years in the past. It felt like the first time I was working on the source again. Even before I checked the git log; I had this overwhelming feeling of being Roberts code. I am not sure how I knew, its something very subtle.

SHA-1: 9d2be22d88b154335d3d34ec8a7200d4625bda3b

* Initial commit.

Signed-off-by: Robert <Robert@timberandstonegame.com>

It was the beginning. Robert here reasoning about the code and its existence.


An unfortunate update..

Probably time to update the front page here.  It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling for the last year and a half or so with the game, mostly financially, but also with the game’s direction. A ton of work has gone into the last few updates, but the content seems superficial, cosmetic, underwhelming. And I do apologize for that. I had hoped that the steam release would provide the much needed funding to allow work to continue, but that simply wasn’t the case.

I refuse to say that Timber and Stone has been abandoned, or development has ceased. I tinker with the game quite a bit when I can find time. I still think about the game every single day. I still consider it my life’s work, and I love and miss working on it as I used to. 

I apologize for the lack of updates. Stress from lack of money, kids, and personal heartbreak have taken priority, and I’ve forgotten all the wonderful people who’ve believed in the project and supported the game so much.

Your support has allowed me to follow my dream for the last 4 years, and I hope I delivered something worthwhile in turn. I stretched that as far as I could, and it’s now painfully apparent that, for the time being, that I have to find new ways to support my family. There are a few things in the works that I hope will allow me to return to the game in the near future. And I promise that when time and money permit, development will continue, stronger than ever. There’s still so much I want to do with Timber and Stone.

You all have my heartfelt thanks. I will be forever grateful.

My thoughts on v0.1b

Archery is overpowered, Infantry is weak.

To elaborate, there’s been a lot of feedback about the sparsity of feathers, which are required to craft arrows. The problem gets exaggerated if your map has a low concentration of chickens. My response to that should be “Stop relying on arrows.” Unfortunately that’s not realistic in the game’s current state. I’m noticing that most players are favoring Archers over Infantry, to the point where new migrants are immediately given a bow, placed on a wall, and forgotten about. Ranged combat is important, sure, but the player needs to be just as confident in the strength of their melee units. And that’s simply not the case. A footman in full steel plate should be a beast, able to slay a half a dozen undead before his armor starts breaking. I don’t think anyone would disagree with me when I say this isn’t happening yet, infantry is severely underpowered in beta v0.1.

If the player wishes to have their military presence outside the castle walls instead of on top of them, that should be a viable option. Farms and farmhouses shouldn’t need to be protected by walls. But that’s not what I’m seeing, nearly every screenshot of a settlement that has lasted longer than eight days looks the same to me, a fully enclosed wall laid out in some basic polygon shape crowned with twenty-some-odd Archers, no houses, no cobblestone paths, small farms, nothing even outside these walls at all.

If 90% of the player’s unit population is military and he’s hunting every single chicken the map provides in order to craft arrows, this is powergaming. It’s an unfortunate problem that it’s absolutely necessary to play the game this way. If you spend any time trying to build something interesting, that time is going to be wasted, you’ll be slaughtered by nightfall for neglecting your military. This shouldn’t be happening within the first few days.

There’s also been feedback regarding the difficultly level that has been positive, and if you’ve been following my forum posts or youtube comments at all, you know that I also prefer brutal difficultly. While this entire update might sound like my intent is to ‘nerf’ the game entirely, trust that this will never be my goal for the final product.

Timber and Stone should become more difficult the longer you play, but at this point it’s almost the opposite. I’ll be paying special attention to the game’s difficulty during the entire beta process. This will start with v0.1.1b., Infantry (and plate armor in particular) is going to see a boost.