Hidden Memories

Hey everyone,

So I was working on cleaning up some code relating to ChunkManager and there was one line that lead me on a journey. It was a simple “remove the call to ChunkManager.WalkableNeighbor(…)” since its not really part chunk manager anymore. There is one call to it in FishWorkPool. So I was poking around and ended up looking into a file called WaterBlock.cs; an almost an entirety untouched file since the beginning.

I wasn’t prepared nor expecting for the memories, but at that moment I was three years in the past. It felt like the first time I was working on the source again. Even before I checked the git log; I had this overwhelming feeling of being Roberts code. I am not sure how I knew, its something very subtle.

SHA-1: 9d2be22d88b154335d3d34ec8a7200d4625bda3b

* Initial commit.

Signed-off-by: Robert <Robert@timberandstonegame.com>

It was the beginning. Robert here reasoning about the code and its existence.


Happy Birthday

Hi Everyone,

Today is Roberts day to relax, kick back, and enjoy, so wish him a happy birthday on the forums.

We haven’t posted in a while but 1.7 is on its way through testing. We are looking at about 2-3 more testing builds before we release to our site. After that we are going to work out a few more bugs (public test) and then release on steam. Just a quick note to everyone who buys the game before we release on steam, you will get a steam key.

If you want more information on the current release check out the dev log.
PS Please don’t kill me Robert

Greenlight success!

We have been approved for steam.

What this means is we are going to be on steam in the near future, but not yet. There is still a lot of work that needs to happen first. The process of integrating the steam API and enabling some of the awesome features will take time.

Robert, Ethrel, and myself would like to thank everyone for your help and are proud to be part of such an awesome community of gamers.