Hidden Memories

Hey everyone,

So I was working on cleaning up some code relating to ChunkManager and there was one line that lead me on a journey. It was a simple “remove the call to ChunkManager.WalkableNeighbor(…)” since its not really part chunk manager anymore. There is one call to it in FishWorkPool. So I was poking around and ended up looking into a file called WaterBlock.cs; an almost an entirety untouched file since the beginning.

I wasn’t prepared nor expecting for the memories, but at that moment I was three years in the past. It felt like the first time I was working on the source again. Even before I checked the git log; I had this overwhelming feeling of being Roberts code. I am not sure how I knew, its something very subtle.

SHA-1: 9d2be22d88b154335d3d34ec8a7200d4625bda3b

* Initial commit.

Signed-off-by: Robert <Robert@timberandstonegame.com>

It was the beginning. Robert here reasoning about the code and its existence.


An unfortunate update..

Probably time to update the front page here.  It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling for the last year and a half or so with the game, mostly financially, but also with the game’s direction. A ton of work has gone into the last few updates, but the content seems superficial, cosmetic, underwhelming. And I do apologize for that. I had hoped that the steam release would provide the much needed funding to allow work to continue, but that simply wasn’t the case.

I refuse to say that Timber and Stone has been abandoned, or development has ceased. I tinker with the game quite a bit when I can find time. I still think about the game every single day. I still consider it my life’s work, and I love and miss working on it as I used to. 

I apologize for the lack of updates. Stress from lack of money, kids, and personal heartbreak have taken priority, and I’ve forgotten all the wonderful people who’ve believed in the project and supported the game so much.

Your support has allowed me to follow my dream for the last 4 years, and I hope I delivered something worthwhile in turn. I stretched that as far as I could, and it’s now painfully apparent that, for the time being, that I have to find new ways to support my family. There are a few things in the works that I hope will allow me to return to the game in the near future. And I promise that when time and money permit, development will continue, stronger than ever. There’s still so much I want to do with Timber and Stone.

You all have my heartfelt thanks. I will be forever grateful.

Steam Keys

Those of you who purchased the game prior to the 1.71 release can now find your Steam Key on the members page right below the link to access the downloads via our website.
Important Note: Copy your Steam Key before modifying your profile.

You will have to reset your password, these were lost in the import of the keys. Apologies for the inconvenience, and we hope you guys enjoy the changes in 1.7 and the ease of playing the game through Steam.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who kickstarted and purchased the game, we would’ve never made it this far without your support.

1.71 And other stuffs.

This post is going to contain some pretty important information, so please read carefully.

Firstly, 1.71 is released, so check the download page for that. It’s mostly a bug fixing update, as usual after a big release, I’ll be posting the change-log below.

Secondly, We’re aiming for a Steam release this very week. If we’re approved, it may be as early as Tuesday 10am PST. Still trying to determine the best method for distributing those Steam-Keys, so sit tight, it could take a while.

Thirdly, Any purchases from this point on will not receive steam-keys. If you purchase Timber and Stone 1.71 via Paypal from the purchase page on this website, starting this very second, we will not be able to provide a steam-key. So if you’re itching to purchase the game and play right away, but do not want to purchase the game twice, I’d suggesting waiting a couple days for the Steam release, it might come with a launch discount ;) .

Fourthly, It looks like there are some issues with the Mac version starting after 1.7, we’re going to continue to try to support that here, within our community, but there might not an OSX release on Steam for a while. Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot we can do about this, OSX bug reports are nearly non-existent, and I’m not comfortable putting a glitchy release on Steam for that platform. Our apologies.

Here are those changes in 1.71:
- We have a new Achievement system, which is currently only being used for the new in-game tutorial system. Start a new game and make sure “Display tutorials” is checked to see these. It’s quite basic, as any good tutorial should be, and should ease new players into the mechanics and controls for the game.
- Archers are now shooting at their full bow range.
- There’s a new Archer preference, “Pursue enemies out of range”. When this is off, your archers will no longer chase enemies. This is more important now because of the above fix. This preference should keep your Archers guarding your walls from running down.
-Spiders should no longer be climbing out of the map edges.
-Archers should now be using Fire arrows properly.
-The “Nordic Roof Tiles” are now saving and loading correctly.
-Wall Sconces are fixed.
-Water no longer breaks line of sight, this allows your Archers to shoot Skeletons and Necromancers who are underwater.
-The de-spawn timer for corpses has been reduced to 24 minutes.

Timber and Stone 1.7: Prepare to Die Edition.

So with the release of 1.7, Timber and Stone is fun again.

And by fun, we mean back to the pre-1.5 difficulty. Survival is again paramount, military again fundamental, and night time once again unnerving. Enemies (and animals, even) are now using the task system, allowing them the same depth of logic as human settlers. The invasion mechanics are now more robust, allowing us better control over what enemies spawn at any given time, and to arm invading goblins and undead with weapons and shields based on how well the player is doing in the game. Whereas a lot of this was done using only slightly influenced RNG previously.

Every unit in the map is now controlled by a faction. The enemy race factions, or instance, govern the enemy AI. The Undead race can and will now attack goblins and wolves. The factions’ alignment will determine how they interact with other factions based on if they are hostile, neutral or allied with each other.

We now have fog of war in place, designating your settlers sight range. This brings great changes to the spotting mechanic. As the player, you can no longer see enemies your settlers cannot, making the areas outside of your settlers’ vision that much more perilous. This change allows things like wolves to flee and successfully hide from your slower moving settlers, and prevents the ever cheesy depth-scrolling exploit that enabled players to identify invading threats.

The mechanics of sleep have changed, hopefully new and seasoned players alike find sleep less tedious. Resting is now used to recover lost health, and no longer slows the game down as it used to. Due to this change, settlers are no longer permitted to sleep on the ground, and bed quality has an even greater influence on required rest time than before. This change, and some slightly smaller changes to in-game speed values, provide a substantial impact to the pace of the game, bringing us back to the quicker game-play of older versions of Timber and Stone.

There is a host of new art for animals, enemies, and objects, as well as a few new building materials. Though most of this was previewed in the greenlight campaign video.

We hope you guys have fun with this update. For me, it hearkens back to what Timber and Stone used to be, where the best advice was to “Deal with it, plan better, start over.”

Happy Birthday

Hi Everyone,

Today is Roberts day to relax, kick back, and enjoy, so wish him a happy birthday on the forums.

We haven’t posted in a while but 1.7 is on its way through testing. We are looking at about 2-3 more testing builds before we release to our site. After that we are going to work out a few more bugs (public test) and then release on steam. Just a quick note to everyone who buys the game before we release on steam, you will get a steam key.

If you want more information on the current release check out the dev log.
PS Please don’t kill me Robert

Greenlight success!

We have been approved for steam.

What this means is we are going to be on steam in the near future, but not yet. There is still a lot of work that needs to happen first. The process of integrating the steam API and enabling some of the awesome features will take time.

Robert, Ethrel, and myself would like to thank everyone for your help and are proud to be part of such an awesome community of gamers.

We’re on Steam Greenlight! Vote to get Timber and Stone on Steam!

Timber and Stone on Greenlight

In case you’re unfamiliar with how Greenlight works, it’s a platform for indie developers like us to put our games up for approval to be distributed through Steam. Selection is determined by the Steam community, by voting on whether you have interest in purchasing that game or not.

Ultimately, a successful Greenlight campaign and subsequent Steam sales will determine the future of Timber and Stone’s development through 2015. So please use the link above to head on over and vote to keep the game alive.

More Bug Fixes, Update: 1.62

1.61 was a little too buggy for our standards. Archery and Maintain-in-Storage, to be specific. So here’s another:

  • Fixed the issue of Archers still preferring punch enemies, and the Archery Target. Ironically, this was caused by the attempted fix from 1.61.
  • The Maintain-in-Storage ‘queue’ is now limited by your desired amounts, again this broke in 1.61.
  • Spiders should now stop digging into your map and producing crashes, this enemy mechanic will return in the coming enemy update.
  • Resolution and Full-Screen settings should now be saving/loading properly in all cases.
  • The F6 screenshot hotkey should be working again.
  • Fixed a pathing to Hall issue where no roads were present.
  • If offered over 10k of a resource while trading, that number is now displayed correctly.